NOTE: This game is deprecated, and may be removed with time. Thank you for your support.

Ghost Love is an interactive story made with Bitsy. A woman waits for her love at a park. When he (Adam) doesn't show up, she goes to investigate, and finds a terrible situation.

Controls: WASD to move (Desktop), or swipe in the direction to move, while holding in the direction after swiping moves faster (Mobile). Walk into objects to interact with them.

Dev Notes: This is my entry for the Bitsy Jam, with the theme "Ghost". I wanted to expand on what I learned from the last game jam, and started trying out some hacks for the engine, mostly using Borksy for them, as well some others. Unlike the previous game, this is not as much a personal game.
I wanted to experiment with symbolism and colors. I had made more for this game, but found it hard to string everything together into one story. A lot of my time was spent using Blender and Image to Bitsy to make the still images.