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Crafty Fox is a 2D platformer made in Godot. Crafty Fox is always looking to help those in need! They heard of an origami crane broken in the caverns, trapped by dangerous crocodile scissors! Help Crafty Fox save the origami crane!

Controls: WASD / Arrow Keys / Left Analog Stick: Move, Space / Lower Face Button: Jump, Control / Left Face Button: Fire Glue Gun

Your glue gun is effective against crocodiles, but be careful when engaging them.

Dev Notes: This is the first game I have released since the last Global Game Jam. For this one, I wanted to work with Sam "Smae" LeBlanc (@Smaezorz on Twitter) again. For the theme of "Repair", we decided to do a paper theme, where the level is made of sketches. The character, Crafty Fox, can fire a glue gun to trap Crocodile Scissors, and they use tape to fix the Origami Crane.

I have been learning the Godot Engine recently, and wanted to use it for this game jam. I have used Unity Engine for a long time; from dabbling in it in early high school, to just a couple months ago. However, I saw the potential Godot had, and I wanted to invest my time and effort in a new, growing technology, especially one with open-source in mind.

Global Game Jam Page: https://globalgamejam.org/2020/games/crafty-fox-6

Install instructions

Simply extract the zip file that is appropriate to your platform, then execute the file inside.


Crafty Fox (Linux) (Global Game Jam 2020).zip 47 MB
Crafty Fox (Windows) (Global Game Jam 2020).zip 46 MB

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